The Best 10 Tutor and Tutoring Services for your Children in Toronto

Tutoring Services for your Children in Toronto

Online tutoring or jobs for tutors online is becoming part of our lives. They offer to learn to children to supplement what they learn in schools. If you are in Toronto, there are several tutoring services that can benefit your children.

Teachers on Call

Teachers on the call have been offering tutoring online services to children for the last 30 years. The teachers offering services under teachers on call are all certified. They offer services for all grades from kindergarten to grade 12. Services are also available for all subjects including English, sciences math, and French. In addition, they offer special education for needy children.

The Math Guru

The math Guru has a boutique tutoring studio located at Ellington and Yonge. They mainly specialize in teaching maths and sciences. The services are instrumental in increasing your child’s confidence, eliminate anxiety, and make learning enjoyable. The math Guru offers private tutoring as well as group tutoring. In addition, they organize to study parties.

Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space

These services are based in Midtown and Annex. They offer services for kindergarten to grade 12. All the teachers offering the services are Ontario certified. Services include normal online classes, after school tutoring camps, and workshops. In addition to the general subjects such as math and science, they also offer tutoring on writing, handwriting, and keyboarding.

Smarty Pants Tutoring

Smart pants offer one-on-one services from their main facility located in Richmond Hill. Services are available for children from 4 years. They teach all subjects including math, science, French, reading, and writing.

Teachers to Go

Teachers To Go offers tutoring services in entire Canada. They boost certified and experienced teachers who teach in their specific specialization based on grade or subject. Students can receive teaching on various languages such as French and Spanish and all these services are offered on the online platform.

Tutors on Call

This platform offers one-on-one services from experienced and certified teachers. They offer a wide range of subjects for children in kindergarten to second-year students in universities. In addition to standard subjects, they offer other subjects such as financial management, ESL, and Mandarin.

Helping Hands Tutors

Helping Hand Tutors have been in operation since 2010. All the teachers offering the services are Ontario certified. They offer all subjects as well as specialized education.

Rosalin Krieger

Rosalin Krieger offers English online tutoring to children from 8 years going up. Teaching includes vocabulary teaching, reading comprehension, poetry, and novels, how to write an essay, taking notes among many more. Teaching is offered through Skype.


Mathify offers free math tutoring for children in Grade 7 to 10. All the teachers are Ontario certified. The teaching is usually after school tutoring. Students in English language public schools are all eligible for registration in this platform. They immensely benefit by improving their math skills.


Prepatorium teaches all subjects from grades 1 to 12. Their offices are found in North Toronto with two offices located in Mount Pleasant Village. Their main aim is to instill confidence that will have a lifetime impact.

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