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Thursday, August 21, 2014
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East York NDP picks candidate for next federal race

Members of the Beaches-East York New Democrats have chosen their new federal standard-bearer to replace Marilyn Churley who was appointed as a Justice of the Peace last fall.

Matthew Kellway, 45, says the time is right for a change. He believes decisions made by Stephen Harper’s government will lead to a federal election in the near future depending on the outcome of the throne speech and the budget.

“I thought it was time to step up to the plate and put myself forward to run for the party and serve the constituents of East York,” said Kellway who has lived in the Beach for the past 14 years.

He plans to run on what he calls his eco-urban agenda, which focuses on environmental issues and starting with how they relate to
the cities.

“There’s a marriage between the environmental way forward and a way to improve our cities,” said Kellway. “It’s about time in Canada that urban issues came to the forefront of our political dialogue.”

Kellway has worked extensively with labour unions and was president of Beaches-East York federal and provincial riding NDP
associations since June 2007, has also served as chair of St. John elementary’s school council and as founder and co-chair of the
Toronto Energy Coalition.

“As I said in my nomination speech, I’m not a politician, but for my whole life I’ve been a representative of other people’s interests,” said Kellway.

He says he has real concern regarding the access and affordability of quality childcare, housing, poverty and immigration.

The Liberals have represented Beaches-East York at the federal level for the past 17 years. Kellway said after talking to members of the community, for years he’s sensed a downward drift on the federal level.

“It’s interesting the decline of our cities matches very closely with Maria Minna and the Liberal party’s tenure as governing party here,” said Kellway. “I think people of Beaches-East York have come to the point where they want to start to build something better, a more positive community and are ready to embrace a positive vision and agenda.”

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