Sizing Your T-shirt Design for Different T-shirt sizes

T-shirt Design

Searching for the right method

Searching for a method is not easy. Your first experience in making hoodies can be your learning experience. In whatever you do, your first try or first attempts cannot be perfect right away. You will undergo mistakes first and then slowly be better and then achieve the perfection you want and aim for. In designing a shirt, it is not easy and so is fitting your shirt design on shirts that has different sizes.

On your first try, what you do is look for some resources on books and online. Surely those guides that you will find will have different suggestions and recommendations but it will be your choice to pick what is perfect for you and your project.

In designing a shirt, you should consider that a small design will fit on a small size shirt but it will not go well and look nice on medium and large sizes. So you should adjust your design size depending on the size of the shirt you are trying to design.

Things to remember:

  • Get the standard size of the shirt and measure its exact shirt design for a specific shirt size.
  • Consider the width measurement or sizes of the shirt.
  • Not all shirts are the same. Each brand has different types of shirts and sizes so measure the shirt first before proceeding in making the design for a specific shirt size.
  • Prepare the supplies you need like: Heat transfer vinyl, iron press or heat-press, parchment paper, ruler, weeding tool and etc.

Steps to remember and consider in designing a shirt depending on the standard size you are making:

  1. Make a template of your design. Make different sizes of your template for the different sizes of your shirt to make a perfect match.
  2. Adjust the design. Adjust the design depending on the size of your shirt. If your shirt is small then make a design that fits perfectly to a small-sized shirt, so as on medium, large, extra large and etc.

Designing a shirt can be very hard so it takes a lot of focus and you should be hands-on with it and be very keen. Details of your design play a big role because you have to consider a lot of factors and one of them is that some customers are very particular with the design. So, you should communicate with your customers every now and then as to what they want and need and how they wanted the design to be and where would they want the design to be placed.

These are just a few of the factors that you have to consider and you should always remember to match the design of the shirt to the specific size of the shirt where the design will be placed. So you should be open to some adjustments to be made to achieve the perfection of your product and you should not forget that giving the best quality to your customers makes their experience worthwhile and surely they will trust you when it comes to giving a 100 percent quality-wise product and service.

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