Top News Websites In Canada

In this digital information age, it has become ridiculously easy to spread misinformation and false rumors. This has, more often than not, caused panic, mass hysteria, and false hopes and led to people making misguided decisions. Not to mention, all the witch hunt that happens in online spaces every time someone is reported to have made a mistake, regardless of if the accusations are true or not.

This is why it’s important to be selective with your news sources, such as The Island Now. You need one that’s reliable, accurate and does not show any unnecessary and unfavorable bias.

If you’re unsure of where to start looking, then, fortunately, this list has you covered! Here are the top Canadian news websites that you can check out for yourself.

CBC News

Based in Toronto, Ontario, CBC News Services allows Canadians at home and abroad to stay informed about their communities, the country and the world.

Global News

Global News delivers breaking news and the latest Canadian headlines. They also keep citizens informed on local news videos, sports stats and scores, national weather forecasts and predictions, and money and financial news.

Toronto Sun

Based in Toronto, Toronto Sun is one of your best news sources for local news, comment, photos, sports, entertainment, and videos.

The Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Sun is Vancouver’s go-to source for local news, videos and images, and breaking headlines. They make sure that every resident in Vancouver stays in the loop.

CNW News

Canada Newswire or CNW News delivers quality news distribution, monitoring, targeting and marketing solutions that help you stay connected and engaged with target audiences all over the world.

Calgary Herald

First published on August 31, 1831, the Calgary Herald was originally known as The Calgary Herald, Mining and Ranche Advocate, and General Advertiser. Calgary Herald is another reliable source of information on the latest local, national and international events.

Edmonton Journal

You can trust Edmonton Journal to bring the Edmonton community relevant and reliable news and information. They remain the most trusted voice of Edmonton, offering a professional perspective on news, sports, business and entertainment. In fact, more northern Albertans read the Edmonton Journal than their daily newspapers.

The Province

B.C residents rely on The Province for local breaking news, images and videos on Vancouver sports, arts, health, opinion, politics, life, real estate and more.

Ottawa Sun

The Ottawa Sun did not begin publishing until shortly after the Toronto Sun Corp. which makes it the youngest of the Sun dailies. With the Ottawa Sun, you can stay up to date on the latest breaking news, sports scores, celebrity gossip and more.

The Sar Phoenix

On October 17th 1902, the Sar Phoenix was published and originally known as The Saskatoon Phoenix. The Sar Phoenix delivers the latest news, breaking headlines and sports to the residents of Saskatoon.

Relying on any of the news sources listed above can ensure that you stay up-to-date on current events with the right information and accurate facts.

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