My Town Crier is made possible by our team of editors, writers, and support groups that work together to make our news portal the most informative in all of Canada.


Lois Campbell – Chief Editor

Our Chief Editor is the person responsible for the overall management of news and information on our news portal. This person ensures the credibility of all information released on the website, in newsletters, and our printed materials. He manages all contributed articles and decides its release to the My Town Crier media.

Charles Wheeler – Political Editor

Responsible for editing political articles. He ensures the credibility of the news and its unbiased content.

Sharon Pratt – Entertainment Editor

Responsible for editing entertainment articles.

Eileen Gill – Editor

Responsible for receiving contributed news, editing them for credibility and reliability. First-person to receive contributed news from other sources.

Levi Day – Contributor

Contributes news articles for editors and assist them in ensuring the credibility of news and information.


Our writers are responsible for creating content that is reliable and engaging at the same time. They are the primary source of information here at My Town Crier.

  • Leslie Cobb – Senior Writer
  • Sharon Pratt – Food and Lifestyle Writer
  • Monica Rogers – Staff Writer


Our Support Group ensures the viability of My Town Crier. They are responsible for collecting photographs for news, concerns, and feedback from the audience, and business proposals from advertisers.

  • Photographer
  • Support Staff/Advertising Officers