Tutoring Services for your Children in Toronto

Online tutoring or jobs for tutors online is becoming part of our lives. They offer to learn to children to supplement what they learn in schools. If you are in Toronto, there are several tutoring services that can benefit your children.
Teachers on Call
Teachers on the call have been offering tutoring online services to children for the last 30 years. The teachers offering services under teachers on call are all certified. They offer services for all grades from kindergarten to grade 12. Services are also available for all subjects including English…


Toronto’s Real Estate Board has reported an increase in real estate sales in the second half of 2019. Their most recent figures have presented an average home price of CA$910,419, which is almost a CA$100,000 up from last year’s figures, which is at CA$840,391.
The 2020 House Market Predictions reported a statement from Zoocasa, a Toronto-based real estate brokerage, about the recovery of the market from the 2016-2018 boom-bust cycle. It means that the housing market in Canada will continue to rise to recover the loss it experienced 3-4 years ago.
Contributing factors to the skyrocketing prices in the housing …

These five of the best cafes and chocolate shops in Toronto are a must-visit to satisfy that hot chocolate craving.
Cacao 70 Toronto
If you’re up for a true chocolate experience, then this Montreal-based cocoa product chain is a must-visit. They serve a goblet-full of warm chocolate served as is or with marshmallows on top. You can visit this chocolate shop at Queen West or Distillery District.
Bobbette & Belle on Yonge
This popular bakery at Queen East and Yonge & Lawrence serves the best dark chocolate drinks and concoctions paired with marshmallows that are hand-torched and floats …


If you are in the city to buy some unique gifts but never knew which store to visit first, here are five shops in Toronto you can visit to get unique gifts.
Spacing Store
For the rare Toronto trinket hunters, this store in a basement at 401 Richmond is a must-visit. Their locally-sourced Toronto-proud merchandise ranges from books on TDot’s distinct design and architecture, and other fun stuff.
Kid Icarus
If you’re looking for custom-printed buys, this store at Kensington Market is a popular spot and a must-visit. Aside from their custom tee shirts, they have beautifully customized calendars and …

Hot pots are a great remedy for the cold Canadian weather. Many restaurants in the city are now serving these extra spicy soups, whether served on skewers or by a robot. Here are five of the best hot pot food spots in Toronto.
Chine Hot Pot
Serving a range of creamy to mouth-numbing spicy soups with juicy New Zealand lamb cuts and five-spice beef, this restaurant in Chinatown is a go-to place for a quick hot pot meal.
GoGo Chicken Pot
Their famous chicken hot pot is what makes GoGo Chicken Pot an introducer of this Hongkong favorite in 2018. Their Richmond Hill restaurant serves whole chicken, marinated to …


Many new restaurants have opened last December and offer a lot of tasty culinary masterpieces that are perfect to start the new year. If you are on a food adventure this 2020, here are five new restaurants in the city that you can visit today.
Lobster Burger Bar
You don’t have to choose whether you’ll have lobsters or burgers. This new restaurant at King West offers both, in many variants, that should satisfy your seafood and fast-food cravings.
The Grand Elvis
Replacing Rose and Sons restaurant in Annex, their wide selection of mussels, pasta, fried chicken, some burgers, and magnums of wine are…