The Best Shops in Toronto to buy Unique Gifts

If you are in the city to buy some unique gifts but never knew which store to visit first, here are five shops in Toronto you can visit to get unique gifts.

Spacing Store

For the rare Toronto trinket hunters, this store in a basement at 401 Richmond is a must-visit. Their locally-sourced Toronto-proud merchandise ranges from books on TDot’s distinct design and architecture, and other fun stuff.

Kid Icarus

If you’re looking for custom-printed buys, this store at Kensington Market is a popular spot and a must-visit. Aside from their custom tee shirts, they have beautifully customized calendars and posters.


A Harry Potter store in Toronto? Curiosa boasts just that. Their wizard-and-witch themed store features Marauder’s Map scarves, Golden Snitch necklaces, Bowtruckle pin pendants, and other Harry Potter-inspired merchandise.

Souvenir Studios

This minimalist-designed store in Brockton Village is a haven for souvenirs. They have a wide selection of home accessories, sleek peruse ceramics, magazines, books, and other merchandise that should remind you of Toronto, even when you are home.

Merchant of York

This cartography heaven and souvenir shop across Moss Park is another store to check before leaving the city. The minimalist wood interior design gives a fresh vibe to this store while the trinket-stocked shelves have various souvenirs that should remind you of your time in Toronto.

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