7 of Toronto’s Top Vape Shops You Might Want to Visit

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Toronto’s bustling urban center hosts a vibrant vaping community, and finding the right shop can enhance your experience, offering a diverse range of vaping kits to cater to both curious beginners and seasoned vapers alike.

If you want to explore vaping shops in the city, this list is for you. Here, we covered 7 of the best vape shops in Toronto that are worth visiting.

The Vape Store Toronto

Located in the heart of downtown, The Vape Store Toronto is known for its extensive inventory. This shop takes pride in catering to a diverse clientele, with products ranging from starter kits for newcomers to advanced mods for experienced users.

Their friendly staff is knowledgeable and always ready to offer advice or help you navigate their wide selection of e-juices, which feature both local and international brands.

Dragon Vape

With multiple locations across the city, Dragon Vape stands out for its commitment to customer satisfaction. The store boasts a modern, clean, and welcoming atmosphere. They offer a rewards program that benefits regular customers with discounts and deals.

Dragon Vape also hosts vaping events, which are perfect opportunities for enthusiasts to meet and discuss their passion.

180 Smoke Vape Store

180 Smoke is a chain of vape shops that was co-founded by a heart surgeon dedicated to reducing the health impacts associated with smoking. This ethos is reflected in their selection of high-quality products and the educational approach of their staff. They offer a range of vaping devices, accessories, and a wide assortment of e-liquids.

The staff at 180 Smoke is particularly praised for their patience with new vapers, ensuring that customers make informed decisions.

GoodLife Vapes

If you prioritize organic and health-conscious options, GoodLife Vapes is the destination of choice. They specialize in organic e-juices without artificial flavors or colors. The shop’s ambiance is relaxed and the layout allows for an easy browsing experience.

Aside from that, GoodLife Vapes also ensures that all their products meet stringent quality standards.

Vape to Vape

Vape to Vape is a local favorite that has built its reputation through a community-oriented approach. It’s not just a place to buy vaping products; it’s a hub where vapers can exchange ideas.

They have an impressive array of e-juice flavors, and they’re known for their own custom blends that you can’t find anywhere else. The shop also offers a cozy area where clients can try different flavors before making a purchase.

NYX E-Cigs

NYX E-Cigs distinguishes itself with its sleek design and organized shelves, which make the shopping experience straightforward and pleasant. The shop provides a wide selection of hardware, ranging from simple pens to sophisticated mods.

Their staff is well-versed in the latest vaping technologies and trends, ensuring that even the most tech-savvy vapers will find something of interest.


VapeMeet is not only a retailer but also a community hub where vaping culture thrives. With a lounge area that encourages social interaction among customers, it’s a place where you can learn more about the nuances of vaping.

VapeMeet also has its own line of award-winning e-juices, and they frequently update their stock with the latest products in the market.

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Toronto’s vape shops offer something for everyone, from the novice to the expert. These top shops stand out for their product selection, knowledgeable staff, and dedication to the vaping community. While each shop has its unique charm, they all share a commitment to providing high-quality products and a superior customer experience.

So whether you are looking to make your first purchase or find the latest gadget, these shops are the go-to places in Toronto for all your vaping needs.

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