7 Ways Ontario Regulates the Use of Recreational Cannabis

Ontario is one of the few states where the use of recreational Cannabis is legal. For these reasons, visitors from other countries come in large numbers to freely use Cannabis without prohibition. However, regulations have to be put in place to ensure that people do not abuse the use of legal CBD.

These regulations are:

Cannabis in Private Properties

People can freely smoke CBD without any prohibition from the authorities as long as they remain in their private properties. Individuals can also use CBD in motels, residential vehicles, inns, and any other property that permits the use or smoking of CBD products.

Cannabis in Outdoor Spaces

The use of CBD in outdoor spaces is regulated. While people are free to smoke along sidewalks and in public parks, it is prohibited and deemed illegal to smoke close to a school, playground, public sports facility, and so on. This is because smoking around these areas could have some effects on the people in close proximity.

Cannabis in Vehicles

It’s illegal to use CBD in a vehicle that is being driven or will be driven eventually. The only exception to this is if it’s a residential vehicle. This is because driving a vehicle immediately after smoking cannabis is illegal and can endanger the lives of the people in the vehicle. Hence, smoking in a vehicle that will be driven soon is highly prohibited and is punishable by law.

Cannabis Across Borders

While the use of CBD is legal in Ontario, it’s illegal to try and move CBD across borders. Anyone who is caught trying to carry out or bring in CBD can be prosecuted. This is because many countries still regard the use and possession of Cannabis as illegal, so taking them into such countries is a grave offense. This can be overlooked if it is medical Cannabis and comes with an official doctor’s prescription.

Cannabis and Intoxication

CBD In Ontario is legal, but users are usually advised to take care of themselves and act responsibly. Driving while under the influence of Cannabis is dangerous and could lead to a fatal accident. Causing public nuisance while under the influence is also a punishable offense. If you’re caught misbehaving or driving under the influence of Cannabis, there are certain fines and punishments for defaulters.

Cannabis and Its Purchase

Users of CBD products can only purchase Cannabis from retail stores that have been authorized to sell CBD to people. To be sure you’re getting legal CBD, the shop has to have a Cannabis retail authorization seal. This will save you from getting into trouble with the law enforcers.

Cannabis and Age Limit

Only people who are 19 years old and above are permitted to purchase Cannabis. If you’re below 19 and are caught with Cannabis possession, it is illegal. Also, people fiiaged 19 and above can produce their own CBD edibles, extracts, and other related products as long as they are sold to other people, especially those below the permitted age bracket.

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