The Best Hot Pot Restaurant You Must Visit in Toronto

Hot pots are a great remedy for the cold Canadian weather. Many restaurants in the city are now serving these extra spicy soups, whether served on skewers or by a robot. Here are five of the best hot pot food spots in Toronto.

Chine Hot Pot

Serving a range of creamy to mouth-numbing spicy soups with juicy New Zealand lamb cuts and five-spice beef, this restaurant in Chinatown is a go-to place for a quick hot pot meal.

GoGo Chicken Pot

Their famous chicken hot pot is what makes GoGo Chicken Pot an introducer of this Hongkong favorite in 2018. Their Richmond Hill restaurant serves whole chicken, marinated to spicy perfection, and uses the broth to cook with the rest of the ingredients.

Kungfu Hotpot Skewer

Woodbine Avenue’s famous Asian restaurant is more than its Far East decors and skewered dining. Their hot pots are done in a way you get the ingredients fresh from the fridge and into the boiling hot soup. You can add a variety of spices that should satisfy your spice-craving tongue.


While it is a regular hot pot hotspot, MacaoDoulao is serving your meals by robots. Imagine having your hot pot served by a robot smiling with their pixel faces. Now that’s an experience worth trying.

Coconut Seasons

Coconut meat and water as broth for your hot pot? It’s incredibly special to have one at this Silver Star Boulevard restaurant. With their Wenchang chicken, their soups are worth sipping to the bowl’s brim.

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