Vaping Regulations

As an initiative by Market leaders to counteract the growing phenomenon of vaping and e-cigarette smoking amongst the youth, the provincial governments in Canada became pressed to mitigate the effects. Health organizations have enacted measures in an attempt to help young Canadians who may be developing a habit that will harm their health.
Here’s how the varied local governments approached the situation.
Their regulations initially only indicate the designated areas for vaping but were amended to be similar to mirror that of tobacco and …


The government of Ontario continues to block efforts brought by the United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) in Canada to unionize marijuana planters and commercial workers in the province.
UFCW has successfully collaborated with half a dozen states in the United States on the unionization of workers of cannabis production facilities. However, things are getting feisty on their efforts to unionize MedReleaf workers on the Ontario government.
In 2015, MedReleaf workers have pushed their petition to unionize their workers. Since then, the debacle of unionization increases, as the government classified them as agricultural …

2015’s election got Justin Trudeau’s support by the many patrons of marijuana who were promised legalization of the drug for medical and recreational use. After five years, it is legalization selling out and made millions for small entrepreneurs and drug war enthusiasts.
Before 2015, privatization and indictments are common approaches for the marijuana market. Transport and possession of marijuana would translate to doubled mandatory minimum sentences. This covers both trafficking and producing medical and recreational marijuana.
It was in 2011 when the entire med-pot system was privatized. It stayed the same …