5 Restaurants That Have Just Opened This December

Many new restaurants have opened last December and offer a lot of tasty culinary masterpieces that are perfect to start the new year. If you are on a food adventure this 2020, here are five new restaurants in the city that you can visit today.

Lobster Burger Bar

You don’t have to choose whether you’ll have lobsters or burgers. This new restaurant at King West offers both, in many variants, that should satisfy your seafood and fast-food cravings.

The Grand Elvis

Replacing Rose and Sons restaurant in Annex, their wide selection of mussels, pasta, fried chicken, some burgers, and magnums of wine are enough to get you to visit this new restaurant in the city.

Piano on Mount Pleasant

While it has served a lot of Italian culinary masterpieces, it is still much exciting to see the brand-new Piano Piano restaurant that has opened on Mount Pleasant and what surprise it brings to the locals.

Knockout Chicken

This new fried chicken joint at Kensington Market has been known for its Halal cuisine, so you can dine in here without any guilt plus enjoy the Asian ambiance on a Canadian city.

The Originals Dining Lounge

While it has closed its former restaurant operations, some former staff had brought it all back and christened it with a new name and a new look. However, all of your favorite burgers from Harry’s will remain the same in the menu.

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